Tuesday, 16 July 2019

There's no "village" in my village :(

Assalamualaikum and hi.
These days especially during holidays, my family and I would return back to the village to visit our grandparents but I'm just so sad to see it's condition now.

Back then, I used to ride a motorbike with my cousin and take a round around the village and sometimes we would ride the bike until the neighbourhood village. Along the narrow road to the next village we could see lots of cows and goats and we also sometimes bump into chameleon or other big-sized insects that were stuck on the branch of the trees.

And there was also lots of trees and they were so tall and big and really the houses around the village also were old and very classic just like the traditional old houses. However, I somehow feel disappointed with the changes that has happened in my village. The houses are all becoming much modern and they are putting lots of shiny stairs instead of having the old wooden stairs. There are also less cows and goats. I could not even see any monkeys walking along the street or hanging up on the trees.Some areas have also been cleared up for construction so there was less trees along the road.

Back then, it was so hard to look at the neighbours houses as the trees were too thick and if we wanted to walk there to buy some ice cubes or top up cards, we need to walk in a group because it was literally felt like we were walking in the woods. But now, we can already see the roof of the neighbours' houses and we can already see people go there without having to walk in a group anymore.

I honestly don't like the changes that are happening in my village. It's just so sad to see the village-y aura gone just like that. It really feels like a modern village now and believe me, nature was outnumbered this time :(

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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Driving License, Fate and I

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Finally, I'm going to get a driving license!!!

Okay actually, I badly don't want to take the license. And I don't know who to blame for this traumatic feeling when I imagined myself driving the car, I just don't know how to solve it.

Everything started when I knew that my sister was involved in accident and to make it worse, she was involved in two. Even though she was okay and not injured and there was no major injuries either from her side or others but the fact she was involved in accidents really got me up to my nerve. I was so scared and since then, I vowed to myself that I won't ever take that license and got crashed.

But here's the twist. I found a job and I wanted that job. So I told my mother about it.

But my mother told me that I should get a driving license first because nobody was available to send me either going to or pick me up. You see? I was stuck right in the middle. I talked this through with my sister and she gave me advice and she was good, she convinced me and talked a lot about her involvement in the accidents and therefore, I agreed to get a driving license.

Of course, I was really nervous and really my stomach twisted really hard at first but I insisted myself that I can do this and now, I'm okay and I admit that I feel scared but not as much as I had back then. Overall, I'm so thankful for this opportunity and really, I thanked my mommy a lot because if she didn't say that to me then I don't think I'll ever take the test for the license. Until then, byebye.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

All you need to know about what had happened in the past month

Assalamualaikum and hi guys :) 

To be honest, I am seriously very lazy to update my blog and I just feel like, I don't even care about it but it would be such a waste because blogging is one of my hobbies that could assure me to be productive and not wasting time watching Netflix only. So today, I finally force myself to write a new post and honestly, you can ignore the title. I mean, WHO wants to know, right? Okay, just kidding. I'm trying to get the mood back and even though I have not updated my blog for such a long time (because it has been a month), I am still blogwalking to other people's blog and yes, sometimes I left my footprints via the chat box or otherwise, I didn't and all I did was clicking for the ads.

About the ads, I am not sure whether some of you who have visited my blog have ever click the ads in my blog but if you have not, maybe click it for once hehe. I really appreciated for those who visited my blog and even left a comment even though I have not updated this blog, you guys are klebtastic! 

Next, I am suddenly curious about the word blogwalking. Is that really a word or just made up from someone and suddenly became a word where everyone used (including me) and I don't mean to offend anyone, I'm just curious and it would be a great pleasure if maybe you could find some info about it and share it in the comment section below! (isn't it obvious? i'm just too lazy xP)

So what really happened in the last month is not very productive and comfortable to me. I have been lazying around, wasting my youth watching dramas and movies besides getting myself into an unhealthy lifestyle.

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But that is just the one part that is actually happening in our life. We don't get to decide exactly when is this moment going to appear in our lives but when it does appear, it is totally okay to be unproductive for a period of time because that is just the nature of our life. We don't live our lives expecting it would be an always-perfect-moment because we sometimes need this kind of descending time in our lives so that we could improve ourselves to be a better person in the next day.

And that is what I am doing right now. I am focusing back on my language learning. It would be such a waste to let the languages that I have learned to be forgotten just like that. I am also aiming to practice a healthy lifestyle such as developing a habit like drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruit and spending less time on social media or applications that do not give me lots of benefit.

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I have also been constantly reading my books and novels back rather than leaving them on my desk just like that. And I've been thinking about the book reviews I had made (you can check them out in the BOOK REVIEWS section). I'm going to be frank, I am not a good book reviewer but I appreciated your comments in that post very much <3 So I've been thinking that maybe I just listed my books and if there is/are any book(s) that you guys wanted me to do a review on it, you can tell me in the comment section or just telling me via instagram because I'm afraid I missed that comment and you know, ignoring that comment just like that (even though I have granted permission for your comment to appear in that post).

I think that's all for now. I have been spending a klebtastic holiday and also my raya celebration is going very well. Thanks a lot for you guys who are still visiting my blog and we'll see in next post. Bye!

PS: Don't forget to check out the "book reviews" section!