"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me''

Umar ibn Al-Khattab

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Book Review: Neverwhere

Attention! The review was made based on the blog author's reading. The review could be boring and confusing but the book she read was totally awesome. There was no pictures taken from the blog author about the book due to her laziness. Peace. 

Assalamualaikum and hi! Before I end my August, I think it's better to post another entry which is book review and hopefully by the first week of September, I could continue with another book review insha-Allah :)

It's been so long since my last review on a book so I kinda not sure what exactly to write about this book but looking back on my notes, yep, I can get a hold on this. To be honest, I finally finished reading this book rather than lazying around watching cartoons and this is such a great achievement for me because there's nothing else I'm doing at the moment and also I'm struggling to finish other books that I've been buying all this time but then would leave them to be buried in the dust (huhuhu)

This time, it's a fictional story about a young man named Richard Mayhew in London experiencing something so magical and having to deal with his life that is about to be upside down. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman is basically a follow-the-flow kind of story for me. I'm saying, because the basic story is that Richard accidentally got himself involved in something he shouldn't but then as the main protagonist, he is saved by someone and since then has been dragged along into the life-threatening journey together with his savior.

The setting of place where all of this was happening was still in London, it's just not exactly in the London that we know. In this story, London was divided into two which were London Above and London Below. And for that matter ladies and gents, those on London Above, which were normal people didn't know anything about London Below. However it's different for those in London Below as they can journey to London Above but that would take the right door to open the connection between the two Londons. Thus, the girl named Door which was originally a resident in London Below stumbled into London Above, running away from the bad guys and meeting with Richard Mayhew. 

The bad guys? Yep, there are of course. Truthfully, I really like the description and the words for Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar as the men who were hunting the girl. Like really, I can't really imagine because to be honest, the people in the London Below were not really people. There were rats, mushrooms, serpents and much more and they talked. So for the two men above, Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar, oh my god Neil Gaiman did a really excellent job writing about them. In my imagination as I was reading the book, they would be really scary and hideous. Well, I'm not one to judge but really, the description was so scary that I kept whining and complaining how scary and hideous and horrible can they be. 

Next in the team of good guys, we have another two consist of a man and a woman. One is called Hunter, a lady with a really perfect description of beauty and another one is called as Marquis de Carabas. And in every story, there has to be some twists and turns and even though I say this story is a follow-the-flow kind of story, to be honest, the traitor in the team still shocked me. Really, I'm serious here, I mean, I did expect that but then there wasn't, not until one point, bam! the traitor exposed his/herself and I ain't see that coming. So I am honestly very impressed with the story and how Neil Gaiman organising the plot of the stories that really made me jump up from my seat. 

I wanted to tell you guys more about the journey between them, like why would they hunt the girl or what is wrong with Richard staying in the team or what is at stake for the traitor or who dies and also who dies but come back alive and much more but I'm afraid I'm giving you more than just that and thus spoiling the ending of the story. 

All in all, it's a magnificent story delivered with a strong presence of each of the characters. They were perfectly well displayed in their roles and I could really understand the whole story without any confusions. The wondrous life of each of the citizens of London Below also captivated my interest making me adding 'London Below' in my bucket list though the real London Below might just be of pipes and sewers instead of rat-speakers and mushroom folks xD 


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Monday, 10 August 2020

Seeking Comfort

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone. Alhamdulillah, I could write again and I'm saying this not because something terrible happened that causes me to not be able to write but because I can't find the exact words to pour my heart's content even though it's just a rant and nothing much. 

And to be honest, I don't like it when I'm writing without any feeling. Seriously, even if I try, I just couldn't. There will be no words that I'm able to spill, what's more a story. That's why I've left this blog for a long time. Actually, I want to write a lot, like I saved a lot of drafts with various titles but none of them are actually complete, hence the abandonment of the blog. 

As of today, I've come up with a post of 'Seeking Comfort'. I get this title at the moment where I was with my family, and we were eating and talking about lots of thing and the air felt lively. At that time, I was very deep in my thoughts, despite also being absorbed with the noise and the voices from my family members. I was so drowned in my thinking that how all of this was just for a moment and that one day, it will all be returned to the rightful owner which is Allah s.w.t. but managed to remain calm and undisturb that that was actually a true blessing and love poured by Him unto me. 

I was always like this since I'm a child. Even my mother told me so, just how deep my thinking can be and just how lost I can be in my own thinking. So when I had the thought during that moment, I carved a smile on my face and my heart felt full with warmth and love upon hearing the voices, the laughter, the whines and the sighs of my family members. I remember how I felt really grateful that in a split second, all of my worries, sadness and disappointment could all just go away by drowning myself with my family members. 

I couldn't deny that my anger also rose upon their attitude, however the anger came together with love that was coated with warmth and grace. It was also probably the same when my parents felt angry towards me regarding my attitude. Say, I played with a scissor when I was a child without the supervision of any adult or their permission. They would scold me for sure but that was because they worried that I might injure myself. So it's the same with my anger, or disappointment, or sadness. It's just that my family members are a symbol of my warmth and love that I could never find anywhere else. All in all, they are my comfort place. 

I couldn't say it is also the same for other people and I also couldn't say that my life is so perfect that I'm so comfortable to be boasting about them. I also couldn't say the same about any of your family as I don't know them. All I could say was that my life is also full with challenges which is also the same as you. It's just that our challenge is different.
Certainly, life is full with cuts and wounds. It's just that I treat these wounds as lessons and that one day, these lessons are what is going to benefit me in the Hereafter insha-Allah ^^ And my family members are the remedies, helping me to treat these "wounds" with care and to accept them no matter how painful they could be. 
I'm not that very strong of a person that I can always wear a smile whenever a rock is thrown at me, but I am definitely not so weak to let myself be bled from the rock. That's all from me, insha-Allah I'll update more :)
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