Thursday, 14 December 2017

I can't decide for this one

Assalamualaikum and hye all~
So today's entry is about me, myself whose having a very complicated things that are running in my mind. I just feel so sad, so heavy in my heart, in myself with all the fights and kills that's happening in the world right now. I feel very disappointed with myself too and I don't know why.
I keep thinking that I'm at fault for the fights that are happening around the world right now. I can't blame anyone for what had happened. This is not the time to put all the blame to someone or anyone.
This is the time where people should unite together and stand stronger to face all the challenges. We should plow the seed of humanity in ourselves.
I just can't understand how some people could be so evil, so cruel toward other people. Imagine if that people you're hurting is actually one of your family member? Just stop the killing already and return what's theirs. They have rights. We have rights.
I'm very worried for my brothers and sisters who have been killed, been forced to become a refugee in their own country...I just couldn't imagine if that thing happen to me or my family.
There are things that we can prevent and things that we can't prevent. Just now, I should be attending an interview(as a cashier) but then one of the employee told me that the person was involved in an accident. I just feel so sad. Things like this, we can't prevent. It's Allah's plan. But for some, it's the value of humanity. The value which is very important for every person that will decide whether he/she is a person who act with the mind or with the lust.

Everybody thought of changing the world, but nobody thought of changing themselves.