Monday, 4 December 2017

The day I did it

Assalamualaikum and hey guys! So today, on the 3rd of December I finally made my first muffin! Yeay!!! I knew it wasn't much but it was a big success for me :) Okay actually the story went like this:

Me: Mummy, kak ngah nak buat muffin?

Mummy: Ha, buatlah~ Mana resepinya?

Me: Ini, ha.

Mummy: Tengok.


Mummy: Ooh...(while handing me the flour, vanilla essence and other things to me)

Me: Mentega ni biarkan jelah,kan?

Mummy: Kenapa?

Me: Yela, dia kata mentega dicairkan. Biarkan je la, nanti dia cair jugak.

Mummy: Eh mana ada. Kalau biar, mentega tu lembik je. Ini nak cair. Kalau cairkan macam ni(and showing me how)

Me: Ooh...macam tu. Okey, baru tau.

And then my mum let me did the muffin alone and yes finally I did it! I thought it wasn't going to be like, yeah edible-muffin by its look but it turned out very well. It just the plain, simple but sweet muffin.

I'm kinda scared when I put the tray into the oven because I thought that the muffin won't be it. Won't be muffin because my mixture was very soft. Haha, but well it tastes good, nice and it was moist which means that it was in the best condition.

Okay, so that's it for now. I will write again next time. Bye!