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Umar ibn Al-Khattab

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Introverts are............ mental disorder?

Assalamualaikum and hi guys! I really have not write in my blog for couple of days. But that's not surprising regarding my laziness.

I am going to write about introvert because as you know, I am an introvert (if you read my 'About' section). I just think that this is very interesting regardless that being one is hard. But, well that is life and I believed that everybody also has their difficulties that they are facing in their lives either they are introverts or not and this time, I am going to share anything that I read somewhere about introvert.

1. What is introvert?

Introvert defined by noun is a shy, reticent person also known as outsider. If it was defined by adjective is introverted.

Credit: Dictionary

2. Is it a mental disorder?

No, it is not. It is just the character or personality that the person possess. Well said, they are just like this:

Credit: 1

3. How do we know introverts? Well, they have these eight signs:

1. Being around the people just making them tired.

2. Prefer solitude more.

3. They have groups- but only small groups of close friends.

4. Often misunderstood as a quiet person.

5. They would end up feeling distracted and unfocused with too much stimulation.

6. They are very self-aware of themselves.

7. Watching is the best way to learn.

8. Prefer independence job.

Credit: 2

Well, I think that's all from me. I might thinking of writing about extrovert in the next entry but I want to see the upcoming result of this entry first. And also, I have included the sources of the information (which mean that I am not writing this sloppily and carelessly).

For me, I am just so proud to describe myself like this:

Credit: Google

Before I end my entry here, I would like you guys to check out the illustrations in an introvert's head:

Credit: 3

P/S: If and only if you want to comment anything, please comment politely. Harshness won't do. Not in this blog or anywhere. Thank you and sorry for my broken English.


  1. hi ^^ even myself still confuse. am i an introvert. because it depends on my mood. hmmph

    1. hai :) yeah, that's right. there's some people still feeling confused about this.