"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me''

Umar ibn Al-Khattab

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

New Image & Title!

Assalamualaikum hye guys. Hopefully you all are in the greatest condition. So today let me get straight to the point, I want to tell you about the changes I've done for my blog >.<

Okay, as I was too excited changing my blog I forgot to take the picture so that I can make the comparison and so that you guys can check and see for yourselves about the "before" and "after" I customised my blog.

So first of all, I change the background of my blog from Harry Potter to just plain vertical lines background.



Okay, so basically I don't prefer colours that are too bright or too dark and I think I'm just very comfortable with soft toned colours (like, whatever colour they are either green, pink, blue any colour) In the first image you see the background colour is grey but it's not too soft and not too strong and I changed to  soft purple, sometimes like blue also but never mind, I just like the colour and because it's simple without any unwanted patterns or marks .. just vertical lines and that's it. It's simple but nice.

The next one I changed is my post's background colour. Okay I don't have pictures for this but it's just the same like the previous one. I mean I just changed from grey to purple, blue...as long as it won't be too different from the background of my blog. Besides, the writing is clear and I really hope that this changes can make you guys easier to read my entries :)

And then, I add the status at the top-right corner of my blog. So you can see, there's none at that area and now I add it because at least I can tell you whether I'm gonna be free or I'm gonna be busy that I won't have any time to update my blog and whatsoever. But right now I really hope that I can update my blog as often as I can and I hope that you guys would be anticipated to read my blog even though its contents are childish. For now, I wrote " Carpe Diem" as my status and I liked that quote very much. That's Latin if I'm not mistaken.

Finally, the obvious change is the title of my blog!! Yes, I changed the title of my blog too from ... (drum roll)

Image result for images of saitama one punch man smiling sarcastically in the spaceship gif 
Source: Google

You know what? I'm gonna write about the title of my blog in another entry. That's a lot more fun and I do recommend you to tell me what do you think about the changes I made to my blog. Till then, byebye!!!


  1. whooooaa~ sound excited ha~ tak perasan pulak dulu HP punya theme.. Sekarang nampak la kematangan sikit. ^^

    1. hehehee^^ there's a child in every adult hee~

  2. you make feel curious hmm

    btw cute blog. Well. I wish I could say 'cute than before' but I've never seen it hihihi

  3. simple but nice! and i really love it! :D :D

  4. a very cute theme !! definitely in love with the color scheme !

    1. Maigoddd, the colour is great, right!! Thanks btw :))

  5. Simple yet cantik ! hehe
    blogwalking here :)


  6. Comel.. sejuk je nengok blog awak..

  7. i wonder why but i thought i've followed u long ago. i'm following you again here haha #96