Monday, 11 February 2019

Day 11: Would you rather know that you had 3 months left to live, or die instantly?

Assalamualaikum guys :)) I'm in a good mood today as I just expressed my feelings and my thoughts that have been playing in my mind for days and now I'm happy that I've let it all out! I told this particular thought to my lecturer and she's so kind and nice and she's a good listener too! She gave me advises and reminded me to always remember my parent so that I would always feel motivated. Thank you so much, madam!

Back to the topic, I know right away what's my answer is for this question :) I would choose, know that I had 3 months left to live rather than die instantly. I don't think I need to explain so much for this question. I mean, the three months left are so precious and I would spend them by completing my bucket list and of course, I don't want to be far away from my parents. I think this question just knocked me by saying, "You should be grateful for what you have today. There's so many around you asking for what you have today, instead of you, asking and complaining for more. Just be grateful and you'll be happy,"

PS: Tomorrow, I'm gonna meet standard three students of SK Cyberjaya to complete my English task. Wish me luck!

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Day 10: Name one thing that you can't leave out when you're hanging out.


Okay, so this question is kinda choking me because I was thinking very deeply whether to write the exact thing or not. Well, I just hoped none of you guys would judge me if you see me anywhere *only if we met because my friends did give me the reaction
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 So yeah, don't judge me okay? *wink 

The one thing that I can't leave out when I'm hanging out is *drumroll dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum! (try guess it first before you scroll down)
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  No, not the needle, it's the SCISSOR!

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Day 9: Write about a book you haven't read by your favourite author.

Assalamualaikum guys!
I seriously do want to post an entry but the Internet was damn so slow and it was raining here with the rumbling thunders so that just make it worst :(
I didn't even get to connect to the Internet which made me want to cry 'cause that means I can't contact my mother and my sister *hukhuk 

Anyways, I'm here and I'm really excited to write about this one *eeeeeeeekk!!

My favourite author is the one and only Mitch Albom. I love his novels a lot like a lot because of so many reasons and one of them is his writing style. When I read his books, I will always end up crying whether because I'm happy or I'm sad; I mean his writing style really touched me in the heart. There's one book I've not read yet because I don't really have time to read *which is obviously a lie and I admitted that I'm freakingly busy with my tasks and whatnot so I had to postpone to another time. By the way, when I told my mother that I want to buy this book, she was frowning because the price is quiet expensive and I think it's because of the hardcover but I persuaded her to buy it and she bought it! The title of the book is The Next Person You Meet In Heaven <3 <3 <3 

I've been longing to read this because this is the sequel for The Five People You Meet In Heaven and the previous book is also very good. Its story line, the plot, the characters, it was so sad I think because I shed so much tears and it was beautifully written :') I can't wait to read it as soon as I come back home. Care to share your story about your favourite book? Hit me in the comment section. I would love to know^^

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Friday, 8 February 2019

Day 8: What is your favourite cartoon?

Assalamualaikum! ^^ Okay, I'm currently writing this entry at 1.20 a.m. and I know it's late for the "Day 8" but as long as the sun does not risen up yet, so that day is not over yet \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

So for the question, I've watched a lot of cartoons and it's quite hard for me to answer this because I just don't have a favourite cartoon, I have multiple and they are just so fun.

I grew up watching a lot of cartoon and nowadays, I don't think those cartoons were in the television anymore because now we have like other channel that specified for cartoons only and there's a lot of types of cartoons nowadays which I, myself can't handle.

So my favourite cartoon is Kick Buttowski. Yeah, it was that kid in his white jumper (it's jumper, right?) with his white helmet always on his head, like he has had never taken off his helmet. He has a friend called Gunther, he was like a foolish friend and I don't know how to describe him but I think he is a good for nothing friend. Yeah, maybe...hmm..but he is always stick with Buttowski and that's a good quality he showed to us. He's a loyal friend.

Another role I found interesting in the story is Wade, a guy working at the station but had this cool vibe or we called as 'swag' from him. He's a minor but still, he's giving off that swag. And another guy, the most annoying person I think is Brad Buttowski. Kick's own brother that he always fight with but they actually loved one another.

There are also Kendall and Jackie, a psycho girl who's extremely obsessed with Kick Buttowski. Ewww, that's creepy.

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PS: It's opening song is catchy though, the rythm kept playing in my mind hehee

PPS: Suburban daredevil xP

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Day 7: Put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs.

Assalamualaikum :) Today's question is easy though but I have multiple playlists so basically I choose the most playlist I've always listen most of the time.

1. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

2. Something Different by Why Don't We

3. Youth by Shawn Mendes ft. Khalid

4. Down by Jay Sean

5. Beautiful by Bazzi ft. Camila Cabello

6. Airplanes by B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

7. Trouble Is A Friend by Lenka

8. Solo by Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato

9. Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann

10. No Place by Backstreet Boys

PS: This is the list from one of my playlist. I do listen to Korean or Japanese and even French song but I sorted them in one playlist.

PPS: I listen a lot to classical music too :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Day 6: Which is more important: what you say or how you say it?

Assalamualaikum. Hye guys :) Today I got to meet my family and that was exhilarating ^^ I'm so happy, it felt superb and I'm so grateful for what I've been granted till today. It's more than enough though :') Alhamdulillah.

Today is the sixth day of my writing challenge. I can't believe it that I'm still counted in this challenge. I mean, I thought I'm just gonna survive till the third or the fourth day but I managed to settle on until the sixth day! That was such an achievement! Yeay for me!!

As of today, I think today's question is important and we should all be aware with our surrounding as we get involved with a lot of people around us. I mean, we experienced a lot in our life, in our day, in just 24 hours, we met a lot of people, we got a lot of knowledge, so I think we all should be aware with what we say.

It is much crucial about what we say than how we utter it to other people, is my opinion. The reasons of why I think what we say is much more important are because sometimes we end up in a hard situation or most likely where we have to make a choice and this is when our words play their roles. It is important about what we are emphasizing. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, I have to persuade myself, I have to remind myself how worthy I am, how I am being appreciated by my friends, how my small act of kindness actually do help other people. So by that, I'm rising myself, I'm increasing my spirit so that I'm not gonna end in pieces, broken and thinking that I'm a useless person and whatnot.

Next, we also socialize with others and thus we should be aware of what we tell them or say towards them. Especially when they are in need, we should be more wary and not simply tell them without even giving benefits either to them or even ourselves. Let say, when our friend ask for our help, we have choices, either to help or not to help. We should really help them unless they are actually taking advantage on us, so we should tell them off directly but if they really needed our help, then we should lend our hand and help them as much as we could. I think this can relate to giving is much more noble than receiving. I like the phrase because that's so true though. The more we give, the more satisfaction we can have.

Alright, I think that's enough for today. If you have something to say or maybe any advice, you can shout it out in the comment section. No harsh words allowed! Bye!!

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Day 5: Something you always think "What if..." about.

Assalamualaikum guys! I'm doing fine and I'm feeling great. I'm currently spending my holiday watching the new Korean drama titled Sky Castle. Truth is, I've not finished watching it but the story line was great. The actors and actresses were fantastic. Basically the story made me sad because I know such things that happened in the drama did happen in the real life. I've just got to be grateful that my life was such a blessing and it is beautiful.

So back to the topic, something I always think "What if..." about:
Well I've got a lot of "What ifs" and I totally can't remember the latest one or the most remembered one because I've been wondering a lot about this and that and it all just sometimes mixed up. And as I was writing (currently), suddenly my mind flashed about my favourite "What if..." ;)

"What if I was a boy, and not a girl?" was my favourite and it kept playing in my mind. Sometimes I would thinking about it for days, thinking what could have happen if that is true. Truth is, I am strongly against bullying. And when I heard that some kids were being bullied at school, I was distraught and disturbed by the news. And suddenly this thought came and I was like, I'm gonna rip off those bullies, I'm gonna step on them, crushed them, let them feel what they made the kids feel. I think that was the best part from this thought because during my high school times, I rarely talked to the boys so they kind of afraid or would let something just slide if they knew that I was involved. And they respected me too and I think because I sometimes lose my temper towards whoever was near me so that included the boys. 

Well, I don't really shout or suddenly giving them a flying kick. I just made a plain, angry face and my friends(girls) said that my face showed it all. So they knew that I was mad, or if I was sad or frustrated with someone or something. They said they couldn't even differentiate my normal, heartless face with my plain, angry face because they said I would still look the same. The look of a beast, waiting to strike. They also added that when they saw me doing my work at the table, they won't talk anything to me, they wouldn't ever disturb me because of my face at that time and I thought this one was funny because I really didn't expect them to say this.

Back to the bullies, well my batch(the boys) was being bullied and I was like extremely angry, I cursed a lot and I was like, "If I am one of them, I'm gonna shout as loud as I can, then shove them in their head, bite their ears, kick their stomach and step on their face while shouting," Well, this was real, I'm not exaggerating, okay. I just felt that the bullies were to mean to bully other people. Those who were being bullied were human beings too. What was wrong with that? You're a human too! I don't expect you to be freaking foolish to bully another human being!

Yes, I'm very emotional as I was writing this but well, bully is a timeless problem. It won't stop until, who knows. Plus, we have cyber bullying these days and that is much much worse :(

I think I'm gonna stop here and post another entry tomorrow. I'm really sorry for the harshness of my writing if you like, can feel it. Mixed feelings and sudden memories and truth is, I don't like my high school times. Too much drama and whatnot. Whatever it is, I think my "What if..." can be said as cranky and yes, I just want to be a boy to get my revenge on those jerks who made others' lives miserable. 

PS: When I was in standard four, I pushed a boy's head (my classmate) to the edge of the wooden table so hard that his head bleed. I did this because he was making noise in the class as there was no teacher in the class and I was reading a book at that time. When he got back to the class, I didn't give a damn about his head. I need to finish this book was all that I can think of.

PPS: I'm not a psycho or whatever is the terms exist to describe me, I'm just a paranoid person and I think I want to write an entry for this particular subject.
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Yeah, maybe I can scream and attack at the same time just like Gollum did. What do you think?

Monday, 4 February 2019

Day 4: List five places you want to visit

Assalamualaikum^^ Today I think is the most simplest question and yes, I've thought a lot about the places I've dream to go. And because I'm actually have other important thing to do, so I guess this entry is the shortest to :)

Five places I want to visit:

1. Paris, France

2. Bern, Switzerland

3. Krasnodar, Russia

4. Vancouver, Canada

5. Zagreb, Croatia.
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P/S: I enjoyed watching The Lord of The Rings movies. They were cute and brave and funny all at the same time xD

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Day 3: What are your top three pet peeves?

Assalamualaikum! Omg I feel very enthusiastic but I don't sure whether I can nail my day tomorrow because tomorow is the reason why I can't go back to my home and being stuck here xD Well, whatever it is, I have quite a lot of pet peeves and I'm telling you, I'm not being a pessimistic person here, it's just that some things are extremely bothering me and yes, that are pet peeves. So, because the question asks for three, so I will only list down my three pet peeves.

My top three pet peeves:

1. When some people keep playing with their hair even though they knew their hair is the type to easily fall off and they don't bother to clean up their hair strands which is damn so not cool and I would feel like giving a flying kick right in their face.

2. When some people continuously tell me that academic success is a measurable thing and that my future depends on it. i don't care cause i'm not a robot and i don't think academic success actually contribute to me being a basketball player, duh~ success is so flexible though

3. When other people thinks that I'm learning languages doesn't benefit me and they think I'm just lazying around. what is wrong with languages? my god, these people -_- 
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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Day 2: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

Assalamualaikum ^^ I'm not sure about this one because I tend to forget things related to my friends so I don't really have something but this happens a couple days or weeks ago...

2 weeks ago...

I was at the campus, doing nothing, in the class, waiting for the lecturer to arrive. So I was talking nonsense and doing funny faces with my friends. I don't really care though doing those faces. It felt so nice to laugh together with your friends which obviously helps relieve stress a little bit. And then suddenly, my friend told me that I'm a funny person while she was laughing so hard hearing me talking this and that. I was in a great shock and am very touched by her compliment because there was no person that has told me that I'm a funny person ever in my whole 19 years and 9 months I've been alive in this world. I was so touched that they thought it was funny too cause my reaction was way too much but I am seriously happy receiving that compliment. By the way, I'm not receiving "saffaa ni kelakar la" everyday so yes, I highly appreciated and treasured the compliments so much. Thanks friend :))

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Friday, 1 February 2019

Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy.

Assalamualaikum ^^

10 things that make me really happy:

1. Spending my time with my family.

2. When I get to do my split perfectly.

3. When I get to cook the food that I want by myself.

4. When I manage to solve my academic problems without any problem :9

5. When my parents say yes to anything that I want psst, this happens a lot actually

6. When people say thank you no matter how big or small my contribution toward that particular thing i feel really really appreciated <3

7. When people accept me for who I am.

8. Blogwalking ^^

9. Talking on the phone with my best friend who's at UIA now sobsobs we are so far away :(

10. Watching cartoon series with my beloved siblings <3   

30 Days Writing Challenge

Assalamualaikum and hey guys :) I noticed just how less time I spent on my blog and I also noticed that I only updated my entry once in January and that's totally not cool. So, I made a challenge for myself which is 30 Days Writing Challenge >< I can't wait to start and I hope you guys are anticipating. Stay tuned and keep on cheering for me, guys!

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