Friday, 8 February 2019

Day 8: What is your favourite cartoon?

Assalamualaikum! ^^ Okay, I'm currently writing this entry at 1.20 a.m. and I know it's late for the "Day 8" but as long as the sun does not risen up yet, so that day is not over yet \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

So for the question, I've watched a lot of cartoons and it's quite hard for me to answer this because I just don't have a favourite cartoon, I have multiple and they are just so fun.

I grew up watching a lot of cartoon and nowadays, I don't think those cartoons were in the television anymore because now we have like other channel that specified for cartoons only and there's a lot of types of cartoons nowadays which I, myself can't handle.

So my favourite cartoon is Kick Buttowski. Yeah, it was that kid in his white jumper (it's jumper, right?) with his white helmet always on his head, like he has had never taken off his helmet. He has a friend called Gunther, he was like a foolish friend and I don't know how to describe him but I think he is a good for nothing friend. Yeah, maybe...hmm..but he is always stick with Buttowski and that's a good quality he showed to us. He's a loyal friend.

Another role I found interesting in the story is Wade, a guy working at the station but had this cool vibe or we called as 'swag' from him. He's a minor but still, he's giving off that swag. And another guy, the most annoying person I think is Brad Buttowski. Kick's own brother that he always fight with but they actually loved one another.

There are also Kendall and Jackie, a psycho girl who's extremely obsessed with Kick Buttowski. Ewww, that's creepy.

Source: Google

PS: It's opening song is catchy though, the rythm kept playing in my mind hehee

PPS: Suburban daredevil xP


  1. i still watch cartoons eventho da brusia ni ha.. nak release stress tengokla cartoon. my fav dlu when i was a child - Hey Arnold Totally Spies PPG dan yang seangkatan. now..!! tengok Larva pun best hehe..

    1. yasss, Hey Arnold best yang amat!! totally agree! tengok kartun memang boleh release stres hehee

  2. I'm still into cartoon till now though. I'll even get hyped over We Bare Bears lol

    1. hahaha, same here! they are so cute..wish they were real hahahahh

  3. Hahahah who's still watching spongebob squarepants and jimmy neutron on nickelodeon??? Hands up, ME!