"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me''

Umar ibn Al-Khattab

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The FIRST step I take to live a much better live

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

26th August 2019. This is the day that I'm taking a massive step in order to live a better life. But before I'm going further in this story of massive step that I've done, I'm going to tell you why am I doing this and what does it take to do this.

So, I bet you guys have an Instagram account and Facebook account, right? It's fine if you don't have them or either one, that's totally fine. As for me, I had have both of them. I started created my Facebook account in 2011 and I created my Instagram account in between 2013 and 2014. That Instagram account was my first account.

But then, I deleted my Instagram account in 2015. I think that I am not becoming much better and was easily distracted with what was in the virtual life rather than what was in the real life. In other words, I was distracted with the #travel #food #positivity #self-improvement posts and God knows how many hashtags I've been distracted to. There were so many hashtags that I've been paying less attention to what was going on around me.

And so I deleted that account and I admitted that there was a slight change in my life. Rather than reading the caption of #books posts, I'm actually reading a book. I'm flipping the page, taking notes on the vocabulary, marking my favourite lines and so much more. And that was only the book. But then it's fine because that was still a change, a positive change.

Though I deleted my Instagram account, I couldn't do the same with my Facebook account. I've been saving lots of things such as recipes, study tips, fashion tips, clothes, tech tips and so much more and honestly, I feel suffocated. I feel suffocated as I was thinking does it matter with the posts that I'm saving right now and am I going to use them? If yes, when? If no, why? I know, it sounded as if I'm the one who purposely suffocating myself  by thinking all the questions that were unanswerable(I'm not sure if this word exist) but by thinking about these questions have helped me to be aware of what really matters in my life.

Then now, what happened with my Facebook account? I deleted that one. I deleted that and my second Instagram account. Yup, I was distracted from my motivation and I created a second Instagram account in 2018 around November if I'm not mistaken. That, was the dumbest move I've done in my life. Now, I'm not saying anyone with an Instagram account are dumb. I'm focusing with my life right now and sure, if you've had enough with this post, you might wanna click the close tab button.

And back to my life, I personally believe that that was the dumbest step I've taken ever in my life. And on 26th of August 2019, I deleted that account and I'm so so so relieved that I've deleted that account. During those periods where my Instagram account was still exist, I'm so ashamed with myself. This is so embarrassing to me and it doesn't make me a better person. It just making me turn my attention to the least important thing in my life and I'm so not happy with that.

I've got my family members, books with different heights, styles, genres and colours, a wardrobe full of clothes that I need to move some of them to my younger sister's wardrobe, raw ingredients and recipe books even from 2010, block toys, bags of different types and sports stuffs.

Those are the things that I should have given my attention to and not the things that aren't even in my possession. And it feels really great to realize this and well, things are going much better. I've got my siblings to play with, I can ask them for their opinion about my fashion style, I can exchange dresses or blouses with my younger sister, I can make a simple recipe based on the recipe books that I can manage to understand, I can play badminton with my brother and competing the skipping sport with him and I've got the other brother whose willing to hear me rant on about my life while he's playing the DOTA game(he told me he was multitasking).

All and all, I'm so grateful for this feeling of realization that God has given me, and I'm so thankful as there is and will always be a space for me whenever I'm taking the wrong path or when I'm hitting the rock bottom. These things are the things I should have been paying more attention to and all of this is based on my only opinion and only focusing on my life. I'm not sure how you guys manage your life but in this post, I'm focusing on me and I just wanted to spill this feeling in my heart so thanks for reading this post and now I'm targeting for a month of living without those two social media accounts.

Adios, we'll meet again on 26th September 2019 and I'll be sharing the second step I take to live a much better life <3

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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Pertolongan Cemas #5 : Patah (Bahagian 2)

Assalamualaikum dan hi! Okay, dalam entri sebelum ni saffaa dah janji nak sambung tentang pertolongan cemas mengenai patah. Jadi, hari ni saffaa sambung bahagian 2 mengenai pertolongan cemas untuk patah.

Patah Tulang Belakang

Tanda-tanda dan gejala
a) Sakit di bahagian yang mengalami kecederaan.
b) Tidak berupaya menggerakkan anggota badan.
c) Merasa kebas atau hilang rasa anggota bahagian bawah.
d) Terdapat kecacatan atau lebam pada bahagian tulang yang patah.

a) Jangan mengangkat atau mengubah pesakit dari tempat kejadian.
b) Menenangkan mangsa.
c) Mengenakan tuap pada bahagian badan pesakit bagi mengurangkan pergerakan pesakit.
d) Rawat kecederaan sekiranya terdapat kecederaan.
e) Angkat dengan menggunakan usung yang rata dan tegang.
f) Dapatkan rawatan perubatan.

Patah Tulang Rusuk

Tanda-tanda dan gejala
a) Sakit yang kuat semasa bergerak atau menarik nafas.
b) Bengkak dan lebam pada bahagian yang sakit.
c) Susah untuk bernafas.

a) Baringkan mangsa dalam keadaan yang selesa.
b) Tentukan mangsa dapat bernafas. Pernafasan mangsa hendaklah diperiksa dan beri bantuan pernafasan jika perlu.
c) Ampu anggota bahagian atas mangsa dengan menggunakan anduh.
d) Jika terdapat kecederaan pada bahagian dada, alas dengan kain yang lembut dan bersih.
e) Dapatkan rawatan perubatan.

Patah Tulang Selangka (Klavikal)

Tanda-tanda dan gejala
a) Sakit pada bahagian bahu.
b) Hilang keupayaan untuk mengangkat atau menggerakkan anggota atas.
c) Bengkak, lebam dan terdapat kecacatan pada bahagian bahu.

a) Tenangkan mangsa.
b) Ampu anggota bahagian atas yang terlibat dengan menggunakan anduh.
c) Rawat kecederaan jika mangsa tercedera.
d) Dapatkan rawatan perubatan.

Okey, sampai sini saja perkongsian saffaa hari ini. Apa-apapun yang berlaku, jangan lupa untuk dapatkan rawatan daripada mereka yang lebih tahu mengenai kecederaan yang kita alami. Walaupun rasa macam tak berapa sakit, atau lebam tapi tak berasa sakit langsung, adalah sebaiknya kalau kita berjumpa dengan doktor supaya kita dapat mengelakkan kecederaan yang lebih serius daripada berlaku pada masa akan datang. Okey, byebye~~

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(kalau anda ninja dari Konoha, itu lain cerita xP)

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Pertolongan Cemas #5 : Patah (Bahagian 1)

Assalamualaikum dan hi! Lama sangat tidak berkongsi tip pertolongan cemas. Asyik simpan saja dalam draf. Memandangkan hari ini tidak ada idea hendak tulis apa, saffaa akan berkongsi tip pertolongan cemas untuk PATAH.

Merupakan kecederaan yang melibatkan mana-mana bahagian tulang sama ada ia retak, putus, pecah, remuk atau sebagainya.

Punca-punca patah
a) Secara langsung
Patah berlaku tepat pada anggota contohnya terkena tembakan, pukulan, tendangan atau kemalangan.
b) Secara tidak langsung
Patah berlaku jauh dari tempat yang mengalami kecederaan. Contohnya, berlaku kecutan otot atau pergerakan otot yang secara tiba-tiba dan menyebabkan patah.

Rawatan am patah
a) Letak pesakit dalam keadaan yang selesa dan hendaklah dilakukan di tempat kejadian kecuali keadaan merbahaya di situ.
b) Menenangkan mangsa sekiranya mangsa dalam keadaan sedar.
c) Sekiranya mangsa pengsan, periksa pernafasan dan nadi mangsa. Lakukan CPR sekiranya nadi dan pernafasan terhenti.
d) Apabila mangsa pulih, rawatan pendarahan hendaklah dilakukan. Pendarahan hendaklah dihentikan secara kaedah langsung atau tidak langsung mengikut kesesuaian.
e) Ampu bahagian yang patah dengan menggunakan anduh atau kain mengikut keadaan dan anggota yang patah.
f) Dapatkan bantuan perubatan dengan segera.

Okay, sebenarnya ada lagi tapi saffaa kena berhenti dekat sini dulu. Nanti-nanti saffaa sambung. Bye~~

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Degree Life, Here I Come

Assalamualaikum and hi.
I've been worried and nervous and also happy because of the UPU degree result and kleb! I'm so excited I can't really say how excited I am right now but at the same time I'm so nervous too as it is a new place and literally, I've never even been there or in that area.

Despite that, my mommy, whom I think is as excited as I am has been telling me about her life in that university (yeah, she's an alumn). She tells me a lot of stories and her bitter-sweet life during her studies and to be honest, I kind of jealous with her because her course and my course are totally different so I'm not really sure how to really survive but hey, I know I'll be okay ;)

So this is just a short entry because there is so much to do with the preparations and I'm not really sure when will I update my blog the next time but I'll try though. Wish me luck yeahh!

PS: My mommy's course is TESL and I'm taking science subject. You see? That's way too different. By the way, she told me that during her times, most of the science students looked nerd and didn't really cheerful unlike the TESL students whose always relax hehe this one is funny tho (yelah takde nak berjimba-jimbo sukaria macam budak TESL hahahaaha)