"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me''

Umar ibn Al-Khattab

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Degree Life, Here I Come

Assalamualaikum and hi.
I've been worried and nervous and also happy because of the UPU degree result and kleb! I'm so excited I can't really say how excited I am right now but at the same time I'm so nervous too as it is a new place and literally, I've never even been there or in that area.

Despite that, my mommy, whom I think is as excited as I am has been telling me about her life in that university (yeah, she's an alumn). She tells me a lot of stories and her bitter-sweet life during her studies and to be honest, I kind of jealous with her because her course and my course are totally different so I'm not really sure how to really survive but hey, I know I'll be okay ;)

So this is just a short entry because there is so much to do with the preparations and I'm not really sure when will I update my blog the next time but I'll try though. Wish me luck yeahh!

PS: My mommy's course is TESL and I'm taking science subject. You see? That's way too different. By the way, she told me that during her times, most of the science students looked nerd and didn't really cheerful unlike the TESL students whose always relax hehe this one is funny tho (yelah takde nak berjimba-jimbo sukaria macam budak TESL hahahaaha)


  1. Hai. Good luck for your degree. Enjoy your student life selagi masih ada ;)

    1. hi there! hehe alright, thanks for da advice ^^

  2. all the best dear!where will you study at?
    i am going to have a new life as degree student to.Hope both of us manage to survive..haha

    1. wahhh goodluck to you too hehe and thank you. btw i sambung study dekat ukm

  3. wahhh sambung degree at UKM ye? goodluck awak! ambik science subject? fuiyoo daebakkk. moga semuanya dipermudahkan urusan ye awak ;) aamiin.

    in case you need this, i will put the link. IN CASE awak nak tahu. kalau taknak, just ignore it (but pls dont ignore me ehhhh kihkih).

    apa yang perlu bawa ke asrama? (persediaan ke alam kolej/matrikulasi/universiti): http://www.sayidahnapisah.com/2017/06/apa-yang-perlu-bawa-ke-asrama-persediaan-ke-alam-kolej-matrikulasi-universiti.html

    BERSEDIA PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY! (PERSEDIAAN KE ALAM KOLEJ/ MATRIKULASI/ UNIVERSITI): http://www.sayidahnapisah.com/2017/08/bersedia-physically-mentally-persediaan-ke-alam-kolej-matrikulasi-universiti.html

    p/s: kalau ada subjek maths terselit dalam mana-mana sem nanti, jangan segan segan tanya akak muehehehhee.

    1. Hehe terima kasih kak sayidah especially the links, they help me alot

      Haha yang maths tu, saya okay dengan dia, dia je tak suka saya eh eh

      Btw thank you so much kak sayidah hehe :))