"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me''

Umar ibn Al-Khattab

Friday, 3 April 2020

Cursive Fonts Are So Nice, They Had Me Trapped!

Assalamualaikum hi!

Today's post gonna be short and direct because I don't really have any idea as to what I should write here but insha-Allah, I'm not going to leave this blog unattended again ^^

So regarding my last post, I read two comments that told me about the font of my blog and I just want to say thank you very very much for telling me that. I'm so happy because through comments, I know there are someone out there who's still reading my blog (thanks a lot seriously xoxo ^^)

From the comments left by Cuya and Ainie.nka, I get to know that actually, it is hard for you to read my entry. So, I don't want that to occur again so I've decided to change my blog's font but I'm facing with a hard decision because right now I am so in love with the cursive fonts so it's really hard for me to decide. Hence, I've attached some pictures of my blog and I need you to share your opinion about the font that I've chosen for my blog :)

Before I change the font UPPER (HEADER) SECTION

After I change the font UPPER (HEADER) SECTION

Before I change the font ENTRY SECTION

After I change the font ENTRY SECTION

Another font that is not cursive but caught my attention. What'd ya think?

Alright folks! So that's it for now. I really really appreciated your comments but be nice okay. Offensive words are a big no! Do tell me your opinion and I'll pay a visit to your blog too! Until next time, bye!!

PS: The images I attached might not be very clear for you to see the font but it's okay, you can give your opinion about the font I'm using right now. Big thanks!


  1. I do love your current font. Classic!

  2. it was a bit hard to read your post before but i kinda like it.
    i get to learn on how to differentiate each words i read.

    1. yeah!! that's what i'm talking about ^0^

  3. to me simple font helps people to read. cursive is indeed artsy and has value to it. but not everyone can read it well. don't mind my direct language, it can be pretty messy to some people. for me, i prefer non cursive. anw, anything is up to you. all the best at decorating your blog! hehe

    1. thank you and btw i totally get what you're saying, really, thanks much for the opinion ^^

  4. love the new font better! hehe