"My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me''

Umar ibn Al-Khattab

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

No Idea What the Title Is..hmm...

Assalamualaikum and hi. Hahaha it seems I've taken a break for a little bit longer that I intended to xP Well, whatever it is, I'm glad I took that break because I really needed it though it's just a good-but-not-so-satisfying kind of break, Alhamdulillah, I still manage, aren't I? ^^

I've also learnt a lot especially about time management because I wondered how other people could keep up their momentum of keeping their blog alive or their Youtube account being updated with new videos every week when they're busier than I am (likely possibly) so I've also arranged some schedule for myself, which is not very tight and is flexible but at the same time, I'm also trying to keep my old habit from dying, which is reading. I realized sometimes I would go three weeks straight without reading any leisure books because I'm so worn out with the work so my mind would tell me to get some sleep as a form of rest. Back then, reading a leisure book was also another form of rest for me other than sleep of course but now, every time I finished my work, I would go straight to my bed and sleep as much as my body needed to. I still remembered how every night before I go to sleep, I would read a chapter of a book but now the book just sat there, beside my pillow, untouched and was ignored just like that :(

As for now, I've just completed my mid-semester examination and phew, time really flies, as the finals are also coming up so I really need to prepare myself and I'm not trying to brag or show off, but this is just a reminder for myself, I don't want to feel very comfortable in my current position and I also feel really grateful for all of my accomplishments that I've gotten so far :)

I wanted to write more, I really do, but I also wanted to finish my editing work so that my friend can continue her part of the work. Until then, insha-Allah, bye!

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